EPA Issues Final Glyphosate Mitigation

Every 15 years, pesticides go under review by the EPA to retain their registration. Glyphosate has been under review and the results have been posted by the EPA. Their conclusion was not a surprise to anyone in the industry.

Unfortunately, many people are falling for the adds on TV regarding the pending lawsuits to get your share of the pie.

In our business, glyphosate is probably one of the least used products in our inventory. Glyphosate plays a giant role in agriculture. Regulatory bans on glyphosate will change farming. Here are some things to understand when you hear about these issues.

-Both Agriculture and Turf professionals utilize the IPM principal when applying products. This stands for Integrated Pest Management. When following this method of chemical use, we do things culturally, environmentally, and chemically to get the best results. The end result is always the least amount of pesticides are used. EPCOT even has a ride all about this…

-When asked, “Are you spraying RoundUp on my lawn?” the answer is “no.” RoundUp is one of many products on the market.

– RoundUp is a brand name. RoundUp has many different formulations for different purposes.

-Glyphosate is not in every herbicide.

-Glyphosate is the active ingredient that has been targetted in the cases.

-Glyphosate is the most used herbicide in agriculture. It is formulated to target invasive species in farm fields, right of ways, utility lines, and so on.

-Glyphosate has very little residual toxicity after the product is applied. This means it does not stay in the soil for very long before breaking down.

-When used according to the label and law and with proper personal protection, a handler and applicator have nothing to fear.

– Other agencies in agreement with the EPA include the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency, The Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority, The European Food Safety Authority, and the Germon Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

We have read the EPA statement and dug a little deeper into their research. The agency that has listed glyphosate as a “probable cause of cancer” has only ever listed 1 product as “likely not to cause cancer.” Every other product, food item, or thing they have tested, according to them, will probably cause cancer. According to them, we should all have cancer by now from everything.

Here is the link to the press release. In this, you will find more information about the decision. Please read and click on the additional link. You will then find a 216-page document about the research that was conducted.


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