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Serving the Wabash Valley Since 1987!

Bowman’s Pro Turf, LLC. is proud to be family owned and operated since our founding. We specialize in the lawn care industry in; lawn fertilization, weed control, tree care, pest management, and total vegetation control. We serve the following communities and surrounding areas in Indiana and Illinois:

Terre Haute
Clay City

Why Bowman’s Pro Turf, LLC.?

When customers choose a company in the service industry, they want the best. We have been specializing in the health and beautification of lawns, trees and shrubs in and around the Wabash Valley since 1987.

Our highly effective programs of fertilization and weed, insect and disease controls produce guaranteed results. All programs include Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a common-sense approach to pest control that minimizes the use of pesticides and maximizes the use of natural processes. Our responsibility to you and the environment is great, and we take it seriously. Other popular services include core aeration, overseeding and home perimeter insect control programs.

We are your solution provider in the environmental lawn,tree & pest management industry.

We are a local company and invest in Indiana! When you choose us, you are not just supporting the Bowman’s Pro Turf Family, you are supporting many Hoosier families across the state! The machines we use on lawns are manufactured in Lebanon, Indiana. Our fertilizer comes from Advanced Turf Solutions in Fishers, Indiana. Your purchase through our company has an impact far more reaching than just the Wabash Valley and impacts hundreds of Hoosiers.

As a courtesy to our customers, our services automatically renew from year to year. If you wish to change your service, please notify us directly and we can assist in ensuring your lawn care needs are met. If we do not hear from you, we will continue with your scheduled services with no change. 

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