We provide several services that will help you protect the investment in your home. Specially designed lawn care programs, pest control, termite control, and tree and shrub care, we can help provide programs for you to meet your specific needs.

To learn more about each of our services, click on the bold title above each description!

Please note that as an industry standard, all of our services automatically renew from year to year. Unless you contact us to change, add, or cancel your services, we will continue our work until we hear from you.

Lawn Care

No two lawns are the same! Our specially designed lawn program is tailored to meet your needs. Each treatment is specially designed for the time of year it is applied. Our program is known to produce lasting results.

Seeding & Core Aeration

Every year between August 15 and September 30, we offer seeding and core aeration. We know the best time to seed is during that small window in late summer and early fall.

Aeration provides benefits such as improved air and water flow, stronger root system, and less soil compaction. Consider aeration for healthier turf.

Tree, Shrub, and Bed Care

Our tree and shrub care program focuses on insect and disease control. Beautiful landscaping requires constant upkeep. If you notice insect damage or diseases attacking your plants, let us know!

Pest Control

You live inside and bugs live outside. We can help you keep it that way! Our perimeter pest control plan protects your home with a barrier to keep bugs outside. We apply either a liquid or granular insecticide around your home, windows, doors, and eaves to limit access of these pests to your home.

We also offer treatment for grubs.

Lab Testing

Sometimes we encounter scenarios where there is something unusual happening in either the lawn or landscaping. To provide a definitive answer, we will send plant samples to the Purdue University Plant Diagnostic Laboratory for testing. When lab testing is requested, a small charge may be added to your account to cover the cost of testing and shipping.

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