Pest Control

In the lawn care industry, a pest is any unwanted organism. For us, we focus on two kinds of pest. The pests trying to get inside your home and the pests in your lawn.

Perimeter Insect Control

Our Perimeter Insect Control program give you the peace of mind that you will not have to deal with insects inside your home throughout the year. Our program provides a barrier around your home that stops bugs before they have an opportunity to find their way inside. We apply an insecticide around the foundation of your home that will work to keep many crawling insects away. Spiders, ants, and stink bugs, will not stand a change against this pest defense program.

We highly encourage 5 applications of the Perimeter Insect Control for year round protection of your home.

Grub Preventative20160503_191853.jpg

White Grubs in Indiana have caused severe damage in the last few years. These pests are the early stages of beetles and live just under the soil surface. When the grub hatches in mid-summer, it will begin to feed on the root system of your turf. This damage can destroy an entire lawn in a matter of weeks. As the grubs continue to feed, animals such as raccoons and skunks will begin to dig up the turf to feed on the grubs. The damage from this one insect can be enough to warrant a total lawn renovation after it is all over.

We highly encourage our Grub Preventative Application in the Spring to prove you with season long control. We guarantee that this application will prevent any grub damage breakthrough. If grub damage is discovered in the summer, we will come treat with a grub control product at no cost to you.


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