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Our 2018 Year End Review

The 2018 growing season has come to an end but we are still very busy preparing for 2019. We want to share some of the highlights from our year and reflect on some important things that we have learned that can make your lawn healthier for the coming season. Thank you! We are thankful for […]

Summer Lawn Recommendations

The months of June through August always seem to bring some challenging conditions for the lawn care industry. Most of these conditions will present issues that are out of our control. If we maintain proper lawn care practices, we can help our lawns overcome and combat this environmental stress and make it through the summer […]

Fall Lawn Care Must-Do’s!

As the growing season is coming to a close, it is very important to maintain healthy lawn care practices to prepare your lawn for the best winter possible. Lawns are living organisms and as the coming months bring changes in weather, we need to understand how to best prepare the turf as it enters dormancy […]

Is My Lawn Dead?

It seems like every August and September, we receive several calls regarding the health of a lawn. As summer months drag on, high heat combined with little rain can cause your lawn to turn brown. After a significant amount of time with little or no water, your lawn will go into survival mode. As this […]

April Is National Lawn Care Month!

April is National Lawn Care Month! To celebrate, we have put together some tips that you can follow this month to get your lawn on track for a great year! We have simple things that can be done now that will make all the difference. These tips are for everyone and not just lawn care […]

Crabgrass Identification and Control

Like most of the services provided in the lawn care industry, timing is everything and results take time. Crabgrass prevention is exactly one of those services that is very dependent of time! Crabgrass Identification First, we need to understand what crabgrass is and when it germinates. Proper identification can begin with simply understanding the stages of crabgrass […]

Our 2016 Year In Review

Last year was very exciting for Bowman’s Pro Turf, Co. As we begin to gear up for the beginning of our 2017 lawn application season, we wanted to share some of the great accomplishments we had last year that we plan to continue this year. Highlights FeedABee We became a partner with the Bayer Bee […]