Benefits of Core Aeration

As we transition from the hot summer months to the cooler fall season, lawns may need some extra attention to help recover and prepare for winter dormancy. It is crucial to consider the following things when planning your fall lawn care application schedule.

Did your lawn suffer heat and drought stress?
As cooler temperatures and rain return to the forecast, cool season turf will begin to grow more rapidly. This growth is necessary for your lawn to begin to recover. With heat and drought stress taking hold on cool season turf, it may have gone dormant. The seasonal browning of the turf during these stressful conditions is nothing to be concerned about.

Brown Spots and Fungus!

We often receive calls after long periods of dew and warm nights of brown spots taking over a lawn. If you look close in the morning you can see tiny white hairs or webs growing in the turf. This is one of the easiest identifiers of turf disease. Weak root systems and compacted soil can promote disease growth. Aeration will not only loosen the soil to encourage more airflow through the soil but also drive root growth down. Stronger roots build the foundation for a healthier plant system.

Clay Soil

Many lawns in the Wabash Valley were established on clay soils. Over time, the clay will compact. Hard compacted clay makes it very difficult for plants to create healthy root profiles. The compacted soils also make it very difficult for nutrients to move freely. Soils that are bound together restrict the movement of water, air, and nutrients from your lawn. The more often you can aerate your lawn, the healthier it can become.

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