April Is National Lawn Care Month!

April is National Lawn Care Month!

To celebrate, we have put together some tips that you can follow this month to get your lawn on track for a great year! We have simple things that can be done now that will make all the difference. These tips are for everyone and not just lawn care customers. If you follow these steps, you will be on your way to having a lawn that will make your neighbors envious!

Proper Mowing Height
The easiest and most beneficial thing any homeowner can do for their lawn is mow at the correct height. For many of us, that is at least 3.5 inches. Taller turf creates a stronger and healthier plant. The taller turf also creates a barrier for fewer weeds to be able to germinate and grow. Mowing at a height of at least 3.5 inches also allows for the root system to develop deeper into the soil, creating a much healthier lawn. A stronger root system will help to decrease the severity of diseases that may develop during the year.

Mulch Grass Clippings
While many homeowners like to bag their grass clippings, this is not a good practice. Grass clippings can provide the turf with up to 30% of the nutrients needed for a healthy lawn. If you are fertilizing your lawn, these grass clippings will work back into the soil and provide even more benefit to the turf. A combination of proper mowing height and mulching grass clippings will significantly improve the health and quality of your lawn AT NO COST!

Apply Proper Products At The Right Time!
Walk into any home improvement store or super center and you can be overwhelmed with all of the products that they sell for lawn applications. Many of these products make claims far beyond what their label actually says. To actually know what you are buying, make sure you read the full label and not just the front of the package or jug. While the wording may say “Season Long Control!” the fine print on the label will give very specific instructions on how to apply, when to apply, what the product controls, and how often treatment is needed. If any steps are left out or it is applied “off label,” you will see varied results and be less than thrilled with the outcome.

Plant and Pest Identification
Before you can properly treat for a weed or pest, you need to know exactly what it is! Every product on the market is specifically labeled to treat certain pests and plants. It should also be noted that every product is labeled for use on specific types of turf. Applying a product that is not meant for the type of grass in your lawn or that is for a different weed can result in a damaged turf! Be sure you have properly identified all aspects of what you are trying to control before applying any product. If you are unsure, do not apply!

If you have any questions about lawn care, give us a call! We have been in this industry since 1987 and know the Wabash Valley. Lawn care can be a simple process when done properly with the correct information. Do not just base your lawn care decisions off of a commercial or a fancy looking bag.

If you would like a free estimate click here! We are always happy to come out and give our recommendations on your lawn.

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