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Is My Lawn Dead?

It seems like every August and September, we receive several calls regarding the health of a lawn. As summer months drag on, high heat combined with little rain can cause your lawn to turn brown. After a significant amount of…

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Midwest Regional Turf Foundation: Purdue Summer Field Day 2016

On July 14th, Dennis and I had the opportunity to attend the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation (MRTF) Summer Field day at Purdue University. More specifically, we spent 8 hours at the William H. Daniel Turfgrass Research and Diagnostic Center. I…

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Turf Treatment: Grubs!

One of the most destructive insects that can infest your lawn is the white grub. If not properly controlled, severe damage can occur in a very short amount of time. Grub found in garden. Life Cycle To understand the grub,…

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