Lawn Care Myths…


Since it is April 1st, we wanted to write about some topics that are myths but commonly are mistaken as fact.

This is not an April Fools Joke blog…

Getting rid of grub worms gets rid of moles! FALSE

The primary food source for moles are earth worms. Your lawn may be infested with moles and not grub worms. If grub worms are present, moles will eat them but they will consider it a special treat. Also, when moles feed, they follow their food source. When the soil is dry, the earth worms move to deeper soil that is moist and cool and the moles follow. When it rains a lot the earth worms move to the top. This is often when we see a lot of mole damage because they are closer to the surface.

I got rid of my moles so that should mean we will not get any more! FALSE

Moles do not care about property lines or if there were moles in your yard previously. New families of moles will come and go. There is no “mole preventer” on the market that will actually act as a barrier to keep new moles from moving into your yard.

I used a product that said year long control so I will not have any more weeds this year! FALSE

Year long or season long control is hardly a real thing. To understand why, you need to understand the biology of plants and the weeds that you are trying to fight. Different species of weeds germinate and grow at different times of the year. One application of one product will not provide year long control from all weeds.

When you are sick with a cold you use one medicine. If you have strep throat you use a different medicine. It is the same with weeds. You might have killed one weed, but other weeds may not be affected. And just because you killed one, does not mean it will prevent new weeds from growing.

Lawn care is nothing more than just throwing some fertilizer on a lawn. It can’t be that hard! FALSE

In the lawn care industry, everything that we do has a scientific reason behind it. From the fertilizer analysis we choose, to the time we apply products, we calculate everything. It is not as simple as some people try to make it sound. If proper timing is not closely monitored or the wrong product used in an area not designated safe, a lot can go wrong.

It is extremely important to hire someone who knows what they are doing. A cheap price tag might be appealing but if they truly do not have an understanding of plant and insect biology and the chemical makeup of products, you will pay for it in the long run.

I picked up some grass seed that can be planted in heavy shade and at any time of the year and get full results! This is going to be easy! FALSE

Unfortunately, there is no grass that can truly thrive in heavily shaded areas. If you go to state park, look around and see how much grass is growing in the woods. Chances are you will see moss, ferns, and other plants…but not grass. Grass needs at least 8 hours of sunlight a day to thrive. Heavily shaded areas require a lot of care to build up the turf.

Irrigation, seeding timing, and soil preparation all need to be carefully analyzed to ensure that any seed has a chance to germinate and grow.

I saw on the TV that the bee population is dying and that pesticides have killed them all. FALSE

The USDA has released a study showing that the bee population has actually been on the rise over the last 10 years! The number one killer of bees are mites. Mites are tiny insects or parasites that attach themselves to the bee and live off of the bee. Many bee keepers use pesticides to kill the mites that have infected their bee colonies.

The EPA and other governing agencies including the Office of the Indiana State Chemist have put strict regulations into place regarding the use of pesticides around bees and other pollinators. We are always looking out for our little bee friends. You can find out more about what we are doing to help the bees in our blog “Our Commitment To Bees!

Here at Bowman’s Pro Turf, Co. we take pride in working with our customers to provide the best quality service in the Wabash Valley. We are not going to sell you something that you do not need, that will not work, or you do not want. When anyone calls us, we provide the facts. We work to ensure the integrity of the Lawn Care Industry is upheld. We work to provide an experience that builds trust and confidence in our company. Anything less is unacceptable.

From our 28 years in the Lawn Care Industry, to constantly attending training, we have the knowledge and understanding to properly address your lawn care needs.

We would love to hear back from you! Leave comments below or write us on our Facebook page. We also have a new website! Be sure follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

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