Dormant Seeding


Several times in the last week we received calls about seeding estimates before Spring. This is not unusual and, if done properly, can provide great results.

In the turf industry, we call this “Dormant Seeding.” The term dormant is used because the colder temperatures allow the seed to lay dormant in the soil and not germinate until the soil temperatures rise consistently above 50 degrees or higher (late April). It is very easy for us to schedule a dormant seeding application because it is completed before the unpredictable spring showers occur, typically in March.

Some of the reasons that you might consider dormant seeding are:

  • Thin turf due to winter damage
  • Poor turf recovery and density from the previous year turf issues
  • New construction around your home that disrupted turf growth
Some things to consider about seeding new turf areas include:
  • Is the soil sandy or filled with clay?
  • How much shade covers the desired area to be seeded?
  • What kind of seed will be planted?
  • How will irrigation be managed?

Healthy turf provides aesthetic, economical, social, and environmental benefits to not only the homeowner but to the community as a whole. Turf provides for areas for recreation, relaxation, and sports activities. The environment is also benefited through established turf by increased air quality, reducing soil erosion, filtering contaminants from water, and many other important ways.

A lot of the issues that are faced with seeding lawns comes after the seed is applied. During your consultation with us here at Bowman’s Pro Turf, Co., we will provide you with information regarding the proper care of your newly seeded area. It is important that the instructions are followed to help ensure the best results.
If you would like to request a free estimate for dormant seeding, give us a call at 812-448-1852! We would be happy to help you achieve the best yard possible.
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Some of the content in this blog was gathered from the Purdue University Extension publication Establishing Turfgrass Areas From Seed (AY-3-W) and are available from the Education Store.

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Dennis is certified through the Office of the Indiana State Chemist in the following categories:

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For more information about these certifications and license categories you can visit the Office of the Indiana State Chemist website found here.

Christine is a Registered Technician through the Office of the State Chemist and just finished serving 9 years on the Board of Directors of the Indiana Professional Land & Landscape Association where she served as President for 1 year. She also is an active member of the 100+ Women Who Care in Clay County.

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