Marshall, IL Lawn Care

Lawn care in Marshall, IL is something to take pride in! We have been serving the Wabash Valley since 1987 and take pride in our reputation and history of excellence. Before you hire your next lawn care company, here are some things you should consider.

Lawn Fertilization in Marshall, IL.
Picking the right fertilizer can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Knowing what to use and when to use requires a lot of research and planning. We specially select slow-release, granular fertilizers to provide a steady source of food throughout the growing season, which is an excellent value to you and your lawn. Fertilizers are refined and upgraded products of nature obtained from synthetic processes, natural mineral deposits, by-products and organic sources containing plant food elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and many other essential nutrients. Fertilizers contain nothing that is not already present in productive soil. Your lawn is a living, breathing organism.

Weed Control in Marshall, IL.
Throughout the growing season, we use carefully selected products to kill specific weeds. Some weeds are harder to kill than others. Many products that are found at the store do an “ok” job but why take the risk of picking the wrong product and wasting time and money? Let us handle all of the applications and do the job correctly and efficiently at an affordable cost!

Grub Control in Marshall, IL.
One of the most devastating insects to invade the turf are white grubs. These insects will not just damage but destroy your lawn in a very short time. Grubs not only eat the root system of your turf to kill the grass, but skunks and raccoons will also come in and pull up the turf in search of the grubs. Keep in mind that grubs and moles are not associated together and be leery of any company that tries to sell you grub control to get rid of moles.

Marshall, IL lawn seeding.
The best time to seed a lawn in the Wabash Valley is in the fall between August and September. While there is no magical seed that works best in full sun or full shade, we do select high-quality seed that we know grows well and looks great in our lawns. Our process of seeding uses either a slit seeder or aerator to ensure proper seed to soil contact. Once the job has been completed, water instructions are left with the homeowner to be followed. Within 14 days, new seed will be germinating, and you will be on your way for a fuller and thicker lawn!

Aeration in Marshall, IL.
We recommend the aeration of your lawn every 3-5 years. Aeration is the removal of small cores of soil to allow air, moisture, and fertilizer down to the root zone. There are many benefits to aeration that help to build and maintain a healthy turf base.

  • Improves lawn density and promotes deeper root growth
  • Reduces the possibility of disease and insect infection
  • Increase nutrient and water retention
  • Decreases soil compaction

Pest Control in Marshall, IL.
Our perimeter pest control program creates a barrier between your home and crawling insects outside. We coordinate these applications with our lawn treatments or you can order it independently if needed. We spread a granular product around the foundation of your home and it will protect you for 6-8 weeks from unwanted insects making your home theirs.




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