The 2023 Lawn Care Season

Proudly Serving the Wabash Valley Since 1987!

This is just a reminder that we at Bowman’s Pro Turf, LLC, are here to serve you and have been proudly serving the Wabash Valley since 1987! We are highly trained and skilled turf, tree and pest professional technicians applying fertilizers and pesticides to your property. 

Our knowledge, training and experience of lawn care and pest control products enable us to apply them in a safe and effective manner. We take our business and its role very seriously. We are your solution provider in the environmental lawn, tree & pest management industry.

We carry all required State Licenses in the following categories:                          

For more information regarding pesticide licensing and requirements through the Office of the Indiana State Chemist, visit their web site: 

We are active members in:

      IPLLA    ‘Indiana Professional Lawn & Landscape Association’  

      MRTF    ‘The Midwest Regional Turf Foundation’

      NALP    ‘National Association of Landscape Professionals’ 

Please keep in mind that our education, training, experience and our licenses that we carry through the Office of the Indiana State Chemist certifies us to diagnose many turf, tree and pest issues. Therefore, if you ever have a question regarding anything on your property, please contact us.

What should you expect from us?

We rely on our customers to communicate with us regarding any changes you notice in your lawn. Lawns also require proper cultural practices to ensure the work that we are doing gives your lawn the most benefit. Please review the following expectations and contact us if you have any questions.

Our expectations from you, the customer:

  • Mow the lawn no shorter than 3.5 inches. Keeping the grass tall provides a stronger root system for the turf and allows for greater disease, drought, and heat tolerance. We never recommend mowing shorter than 3.5 inches for any reason.
  • Do not bag mowing clippings when mowing. Always return clippings to the lawn as it will continue to provide up to 30% of the nutrition back into the ecosystem.
  • Wait at least 24 hours after an application to mow the lawn. This is vital for the herbicide applications! The herbicide needs to work through the vascular system of the plant and into the root before mowing occurs.
  • Irrigate when possible. Lawns require 1.5 inches of water per week to actively grow. Long durations of drought stress will cause the lawn to go dormant and make it harder to identify if there are other issues such as disease or insect damage.
  • Communicate with us. As mentioned above, we need your help when situations arise in your lawn. As soon as you notice something that looks strange or out of place, let us know. Sometimes, waiting a few months for things to “improve on their own” only makes the situation worse. Never hold in your frustration with nature when most things are a simple fix if addressed early.

What you should expect from us, the lawn care professionals:

  • All jobs will be completed as agreed upon based on the estimate form and property lines confirmed by the customer.
  • All laws and regulations regarding the use and application of our products are followed exactly as specified by the Office of Indiana State Chemist and product labels.
  • Only licensed technicians will perform any kind of work on your property.
  • We stay up to date on all liability insurance. Copy of coverage is available upon request.
  • All issues brought to our attention will be handled in a timely and professional manner.
  • If there is ever any question, we will submit soil, turf, and plant samples for further testing to the Purdue University Pest and Plant Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Everything we do on your property is backed by science and carefully considered before any application is made.

Create your own customer account at You can track your services, make payments, and request service from anywhere at anytime.

Price Increase Notice

The 2022 season provided some interesting challenges for the lawn care industry not just locally but nationally. As supply chain challenges put a strain on suppliers, local lawn care companies felt the direct impact. On average, prices of the products we buy increased over 60% from the previous season. This kind of price increase has never been seen before by our industry. Throughout the year, we implemented many ways to save on money while never compromising the service or products used on your property. Moving into the 2023 season, we have a much better understanding and confidence in the lawn care supply market. We also have moved to a supplier that can provide a high quality product at a price reasonable to everyone.

Looking For A New Career?

We are always looking for highly motivated and energetic individuals to join our team. Looking forward to 2023, we will need to hire at least 2 technicians. If you have ever been interested in a career working outside please let us know. Our hours are flexible and we will have both part and full time positions open. Learn more on our Careers page.

About The Owners

Andrew and Megan Bowman are the second-generation owners of Bowman’s Pro Turf, LLC. Beginning in 1987, Bowman’s Pro Turf has served the Wabash Valley in the lawn care industry. Bowman’s Pro Turf is excited to provide our customers with only the best the industry has to offer and are proud to be a local family run business. Andrew and Megan are both active members of the Rotary Club of Brazil.

We look forward to working for you during the 2023 growing season!

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