COVID-19 Update

Bowman’s Pro Turf, LLC Operation During COVID-19 Outbreak

Over the last few weeks, the workforce in the United States and Wabash Valley has been affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. We have been closely monitoring the situation and assessing how it may eventually affect the lawn care industry and our business locally. At this time, we see no reason to halt the daily business operations of Bowman’s Pro Turf, LLC. While we are taking this very seriously, we also feel it also important to provide the promised services to our customers and maintain a sense of normalcy for as long as we are able.

Unlike some jobs, our operation is based on the independent work of our technicians on the property of our customers. We currently have very little face to face interaction with many of our customers in our day to day operations.

Using the guidance and recommendations of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, the CDC, and in compliance with OSHA, we are taking the following steps to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers.

  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of all personal equipment and work vehicles.
  • Continued email and phone call interactions with all clients and limit unnecessary face to face interactions.
  • Follow all local, state, and federal guidelines and restrictions.
  • Encouraging staff to stay home if feeling sick or showing symptoms of illness.
  • Working with all staff to provide flexibility during times of school closings.
  • Constantly assess the situation while maintaining business operations for all customers.

Because of the already strict rules of wearing Personal Protective Equipment, our team members have already been following many of the guidelines suggested by the CDC and other agencies. We are confident that we will continue to provide outstanding and timely services for the Wabash Valley and our customers over the coming weeks and months. The safety of our employees and customers is always at the front of our minds. We take this situation very seriously and want to reassure our customers that while we are on your property, we are taking all necessary precautions while providing the quality service you have come to expect

We are asking for the support of our customers and the community to urge local officials to allows us to continue to provide these services during this time. Our livelihood depends on being able to travel freely and preform work on our customers property. The very strict safety regulations already in place help to protect us and our customers from unnecessary contact and spreading of the disease.

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